Added Distinction to Advanced Search

The distinction field is now available in advanced search and provides selectable and filterable options with typeahead. We also improved the typeahead filtering on the varietal field.

Courtesy of Rich M.

Fixed Data Export

Fixed a bug preventing the export of data from the main menu.

Courtesy of Ben B. & Timothy L.

Fixed Bug on iOS 11 - Missing Action Buttons

Fixed a bug in iOS 11 devices that was preventing footer action buttons from showing on screen.

Added 2015 Vintage Data to Aging Maturity Calculations

You can now run aging maturity calculations on wines from the 2015 vintage if you set the proper appellation / region.

Advanced Search - Search by Gift Date

Advanced Search now supports searching your wine records with two new date filters - gifted after and gifted before dates.

Courtesy of Paul W.

Print Wine Details

We added a new screen which will format a wine record for printing. To access, just choose Print Page from the main menu while viewing a wine record you wish to print.

Courtesy of John C.

Usability Improvements

  • We changed the way the typeahead suggestions work so the app no longer launches a separate popup window when you are choosing producer/region/varietal/bottle size/type. This makes data entry much quicker.
  • We improved the matching/highlighting of suggestions (producer/region/etc)
  • We tightened up the wine add/edit screen layouts, made the next/prev paging buttons smaller and also better positioned on mobile devices.
  • We disabled devices' built in autocorrect/autocomplete functionality as it was interfering with proper data entry on many users' mobile devics. Thanks Joseph C.!

Upload / Attach PDF or Doc files as notes.

You can now attach PDF or document files to a wine record. Many of our users will save PDF files of a wine review by an industry critic. You could also use it to save receipts.

Courtesy of Debra M.

New Wine List Column

Total Value is now a selectable and sortable column in your wine list.

Courtesy of Maria B.

Performance Improvements

Miscellaneous performance improvements to wines screen. Updated footer navigation to be scrollable on smaller devices.

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